Matrix Clothing Group


Your duty-free sourcing specialists.

Matrix Clothing Group is an American-based company catering to North American and European markets. We specialize in apparel sourcing solutions that have the added advantage of duty-free manufacturers. Our experienced sales and marketing team is dedicated towards securing each individual clients project success. Please feel free to for more information.

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Est. 1979

We've been in the apparel industry for almost 40 years. Our extensive experience has helped us develop a succesful business model that works for our clients as well as ourselves.

Global Scale

With operations that span six thriving countries around the world, our reach ensures we find the most suitable solutions for your needs according to price, quality, time and production standards.


Our duty-free locations allow: (1) us to provide prices that are both competitive and economically viable and (2) our manufacturers to meet international ethical guidelines.


Coordination between the team we assemble, the client and the supplier is transparent and 24/7. We assure all parties are synchronized in the process from project inception to final delivery.

A Partnership

We've been working with some of our clients for over fifteen years. We aim to build robust professional relationships by providing services that are unmatched in client satisfaction.


Ultimately, we remain competitive by delivering results. Our core operations and quality assurance procedures have given us an outstanding record of 95% on-time delivery.

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The Network


Our main sourcing and marketing office is conveniently located in the Washington D.C. Area. We travel domestically to meet clients on a bi-monthly basis.

Suite 400

20130 Lakeview Center Plaza

Ashburn, VA, USA | 20147

Jordan | Egypt

We specialize in synthetic dress pants, synthetic knits, polar fleece, casual bottoms, premium denim & home textiles.

Farah Commercial Complex

2nd Floor, Office #201

Salem Qudah Street, Sweifieh

Amman, Jordan

Madagascar | Kenya

We specialize in synthetic dress pants, synthetic knits, men's dress shirts, cotton knits & casual bottoms.

EL-Matrix Holdings Limited

1, Lotissement RIVIERA

Tanjombato, Antananarivo 102, Madagascar


We specialize in men's, women's and kid's knits, denim bottoms, casual bottoms & fabrics.

303-304 3rd Floor, Faiyaz Centre

SMCHS Shahrae Faisal

Karachi, Pakistan | 75400